Budi Agung, well-known as Kaboul, the artist at the forefront of the south East Asia

Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul) was born in Bali in 1982 and had graduated in a Bachelor in Fine Art from Indonesia Institute of the Art, in Yogyakarta. His paintings first caught the attention of curators in his home ground and Kabul was invited to exhibit at the Bali Museum and Neka Art Museum. Upon showcasing his first solo exhibition “i.self” at Komaneka Fine Art Gallery in 2009, he was headhunted by regional gallery Valentine Willie Fine Art and was presented for the “3 Young Contemporaries” program as one of the most cutting edge young contemporary artist in Southeast Asia.

Moving on in his career, Kabul has presented collaborative works on an international level at the Asian Triennial in Manchester and at the San Francisco Art Institute. Kabul was invited to participate in Artist in Residency Program at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and produced work based on his Balinese traditions. He  had completed another 3 months-long residency at regional gallery TAKSU in Kuala Lumpur and presented his work in a solo exhibition at TAKSU Singapore. Together with Mintio, they had founded Ketemu Project, which was conceptualized in 2012. In 2016, Kabul was invited as International Residency artist at Bamboo Curtain Studio for 42 days. He had presented his works and lead series of workshops in “Water and Land: International projects on Environmental arts” exhibition.


Exhibition of Budi Agung, last January 2019, in Nusa Dua.

Budi Agung exhibition, called as”Kaboul”, at Nusa Dua, last January 2019The most famous art specialists describe him as the inescapable artist in Southeast Asia and far beyond that! Many collectors took over the works of Kabul and, during his exhibition at the Taksu in Kuala Lumpur, Budi Agung sold the majority of his pieces to fine art connoisseurs who came mainly from Switzerland and England.


Very recently, last January, he participated to the exhibition “Contemporary Art “ of Nusa Dua. Richard Horstman, an Indonesian art specialist, wrote an article entitled “Emerging Indonesian artists at Contemporary art exhibition”.” Kabul ranks first in the top 6.

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