Agung Gede Rai, our Balinese mentor and artistic spiritual father…

Picture of Agung Gede Rai president of ARMA Museum

Agung Gede Rai is one of those people who, at a single glance, can transport you out of time. He grew up in a vibrant artistic environment and very quickly took it to heart to do great things for his country, notably through the founding of the  ARMA Museum in Ubud, officially inaugurated in 1996.

Agung, who smiles unconditionally and radiates inner peace, has dedicated his life to the creation and development of the ARMA Museum, whose acronym bears his initials (Agung Rai Museum of Art). This art enthusiast, who loves Bali’s natural beauty, which he describes as a romance and an eternal unfinished poem, has set out to share Bali’s artistic splendour.

In total harmony with Bali’s natural holistic universe, which is his greatest source of inspiration, the ARMA Museum, his brainchild, was created and has evolved out of this generous and abundant nature. His favourite pastimes are meditation and morning walks to observe the wonderful landscapes of Ubud at dawn, at a time when the light sublimates all the beauty of nature.

Agung Gede Rai has set out on an ambitious mission, both generous and humble, to promote Balinese Art and culture. He says he can be defined in three words: collector, protector and developer of the Arts and artists, who he supports both personally and professionally. Agung is totally committed to a duty to do well, to share and to be in harmony with the others around him. His key words are: SENI (Art), RELIGI (Religion) and HARMONI (Harmony).

His innate and natural kindness and the quality of the ARMA Museum have earned him the most prestigious and memorable visits, including those of Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth. Nevertheless, he sometimes likes, not without malice, to pretend to be one of the many gardeners at the ARMA Museum when he meets tourists. A remarkable lesson in humility!

His distinguished reputation, both on the island of Bali and in Indonesia, now extends far beyond its borders.

Our meeting with Agung led us to develop a partnership in order to promote our common passion for Art. It is a great privilege to be able to count on Agung Gede Rai, our artistic spiritual father. It is a very beautiful collaboration on a human level. On the artistic and professional level, it is a guarantee of quality and authenticity.

For us, he is a real lesson of life.

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