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Healing book: Bittersweet, by Clotilde Canova

Available now on Amazon! The book is divided into three chapters which each deals with different subjects, through a poetic voice. Bittersweet talks about societal expectations, identity, feelings, up and down, love, loss, trauma, falling, rising, hope, and the marvels of The Universe. These poems take readers through a transcendent and restorative journey. With deep […]

Budi Agung, well-known as Kaboul, the artist at the forefront of the south East Asia

Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul) was born in Bali in 1982 and had graduated in a Bachelor in Fine Art from Indonesia Institute of the Art, in Yogyakarta. His paintings first caught the attention of curators in his home ground and Kabul was invited to exhibit at the Bali Museum and Neka Art Museum. Upon showcasing […]

Yukde or the culinary artistic coup de coeur!

There are artistic encounters, other gourmands, and others still touching… and then, there are those that are all this at once! Yukde is our great “culinary artistic” coup de coeur that we wanted to share with you. Indeed, My O’BE, it’s a promise of unique art but it is also the sharing of our most […]

The Lunar New Year !

What is the Lunar New Year? The Lunar New Year is the year of a year of a calendar coordinated by the lunar phases and not those of the annual cycle of the sun, as it is the case with the Gregorian calendar. The Lunar New Year (also known as the Chinese New Year) occurs […]

More than a Museum, ARMA is a unique experience….

The ARMA Museum is a magical cultural and artistic centre, imbued with mysticism. When you walk through its green doors, in the very heart of Ubud, you immediately sense the Hindu and holistic atmosphere so dear to its Founder, , Agung Gede Rai. This man, endowed with a sixth sense, knows how to capture each unique moment […]

Agung Gede Rai, our Balinese mentor and artistic spiritual father…

Agung Gede Rai is one of those people who, at a single glance, can transport you out of time. He grew up in a vibrant artistic environment and very quickly took it to heart to do great things for his country, notably through the founding of the  ARMA Museum in Ubud, officially inaugurated in 1996. Agung, who smiles […]

Tagen, the art of painting “faceless” characters….

Tagen is a leading figure in the artistic world that we have had the privilege of meeting and with whom we have quickly developed a friendship. Tagen is a painter who was born in 1946 in Penestananan, Ubud district, Bali. He is part of the first generation of young Balinese painters who started painting in […]

Teja Astawa, one of the most prominent Balinese painters…

Teja Astawa is a Balinese painter born in 1971 in Sanur, Bali. He graduated from the Indonesian College of Fine Arts (ICFA) in Denpasar in 1990. Teja Astawa has a resolutely contemporary style, characterised by bright colours, humorous settings and representations of the animal world that are reinterpreted through the vast world of Teja’s imagination. […]

Symon, is an American painter in Bali…

Symon is an American painter, internationally known and acclaimed, who has been living in Bali for more than twenty years. He defines himself as “the American Balinese artist” the most Balinese of American painters. He devotes his talent to painting portraits and Balinese landscapes, which he has the audacity to reinterpret in a completely new […]

Satya Cipta, the rise of a new talent…

Satya Cipta is a young artist from a Balinese family who grew up in southern Sumatra. The diversity of her works comes from her open-mindedness and her ability to see beyond the codes of Balinese life. After graduating from the Jakarta Institute of Art (IKJ), she was soon approached by the most renowned Indonesian artists […]

I Ketut Ada, « the Art from the Heart »

I ketut Ada, known as Ada, is a Balinese painter, born in Ubud, in 1976. At a very young age, he developed an interest in Art and decided to join the Ubud Art School. In 1996, his first exhibitions were held and in 2001, he was invited by the Puri Lukisan Museum to present some […]

Wawan Gondrong, a prodigious sculptor of steel…

Wawan Gondrong, who lives in Ubud, is a fabulous Balinese artist who creates majestic steel sculptures. From a very young age, he was passionate about creating unusual works and used his innate gift for assembling recycled steel parts. The animal world is a great source of inspiration for him. Wawan’s genius and talent is to […]

Saraswati, goddess of the Arts…

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, eloquence, wisdom and above all, the arts. Her four arms represent each of the four states of a person’s character in the learning process. In one hand she holds a book of sacred scriptures, in another a rosary. With her other two hands she plays a stringed instrument, the veena, […]

Ketut, the master of Haute-Couture on bamboo…

In Indonesia, bamboo is the most used material in the manufacture of objects of everyday life. However, the rich properties it contains have gained the interest of the most ingenious and creative Balinese. Thus, thanks to the virtuosity of generations of craftsmen, the work of bamboo has gradually risen to the rank of art. Today, […]

Pengosekan, the animal world in painting…

A style of painting that is both unique and characteristic, the “animal” style is an emblematic painting movement of the 1990s that appeared in Pengosekan, one of the districts of Ubud, where many painters have settled in Bali. In fact, it is in the heart of this Balinese district that the art of painting animals, […]

I Dewa Made Sugita, the master of textured effects…

Dewa Made Sugita, also known as Sugita, grew up in Padang Tegal, a village in Ubud, within a family of artists. He studied at the Indonesian Institute of Art (Seni Indonesia Institute, ISI) and has participated in several exhibitions in Bali and Jakarta. In 2011, he held a major exhibition in Fribourg (Switzerland), and sold […]

Nanang Lugonto, the master of colours…

Nanang Lugonto was born in 1972 in Sukawati, a village near the city of Ubud. Very early on, he discovered his natural talent for painting and began to exhibit his first paintings in 1995, so, it was perfectly natural for Nanang to decide to follow his passion. He proudly explains that he has taught himself […]

Arie Smit, an incredible talent for conveying a message…

Arie Smit is undoubtedly the European painter who was the most influential on the Balinese painting scene. Born in 1916 in Zaandam, the Netherlands, Arie Smit pursued a military career in the Royal Netherlands East Indian Army where he worked as a lithographer for the Dutch Army Topographic Service in Batavia, engraving relief maps of […]