Saraswati, goddess of the Arts…

Picture of Goddess Saraswati

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, eloquence, wisdom and above all, the arts.

Her four arms represent each of the four states of a person’s character in the learning process. In one hand she holds a book of sacred scriptures, in another a rosary. With her other two hands she plays a stringed instrument, the veena, which is symbolic of art in Bali

Every year, the Saraswati Festival lasts several days, during which the Balinese people offer her their prayers for the coming year to be fruitful and successful.

Over the following days, the Balinese purify themselves by going to the river, a spring or the sea, then place offerings at the temples.

Prayer and meditation are present at every moment of this celebration.

The ceremonies around the Saraswati celebration were among the first we were able to attend in Bali.

A time of meditation and prayer for the Balinese and a time of encounters for us, like this little girl, who was there during the ceremonies and whose attitude fascinated us.

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