Symon, is an American painter in Bali…

Symon signs his painting called Coca-Cola Boy, sold on our website

Symon is an American painter, internationally known and acclaimed, who has been living in Bali for more than twenty years. He defines himself as “the American Balinese artist” the most Balinese of American painters.

He devotes his talent to painting portraits and Balinese landscapes, which he has the audacity to reinterpret in a completely new way, both in form and colour.

In his work, Symon plays with proportions, reinvents the features of Balinese faces, uses colours to perfection and combines them with fantastic backgrounds.

However, Symon’s genius, who some call the Balinese Andy Warhol, is reflected in his works  Irruption, The Big Quiz and Red Spike Boy, available on, is to always succeed in being true and honest about emotions, such as they can be experienced when you let Bali take you in.

His universe is fantastic but not frivolous, humorous but in good taste, suggestive but not vulgar.

His work is truly unique and widely regarded in many countries where he exhibits.

He has founded his own museum in Bali, which is entirely dedicated to him, Zoo Art, which plunges you into his world.

His visit takes you to a fantastic Lewis Carroll-style universe, like “Alice in Wonderland”.

It is a unique experience where you can actually experience, feel and experiment the art pieces.

Symon is able to guide you on this same journey of the senses when you allow yourself to be carried away by each of his paintings.

An enchanting interlude and moment of escapism is guaranteed …

The works of art from Symon, Irruption, The Big Quiz et Red Spike Boy are on sale on


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