Wawan Gondrong, a prodigious sculptor of steel…

Picture of the artist Wawan Gondrong

Wawan Gondrong, who lives in Ubud, is a fabulous Balinese artist who creates majestic steel sculptures. From a very young age, he was passionate about creating unusual works and used his innate gift for assembling recycled steel parts. The animal world is a great source of inspiration for him.

Wawan’s genius and talent is to imagine each animal with disconcerting precision in every detail: their curves and attitudes in such a way that their vitality is captured in his sculptures. The artist knows exactly which posture will be the best way to bring his sculpture to life.

Wawan Gondrong’s ingenuity has earned him the reputation of being considered, like Hans Ruedi Giger from Bali, for his ability to perfectly master this form of steel art, which is so akin to biomechanics.

Very few artists are able to do so because it requires both artistic and mechanical prowess. It is a world where creation and technicality are intertwined, where each work requires lengthy and painstaking labour.

His works “Doberman” and “Panther” can be bought on www.my-obe.com.

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