I Dewa Made Sugita, the master of textured effects…

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Dewa Made Sugita, also known as Sugita, grew up in Padang Tegal, a village in Ubud, within a family of artists. He studied at the Indonesian Institute of Art (Seni Indonesia Institute, ISI) and has participated in several exhibitions in Bali and Jakarta. In 2011, he held a major exhibition in Fribourg (Switzerland), and sold several paintings during this exhibition. He is one of the most important artists in Ubud.

Since childhood, Sugita has had a profound and deepening attachment to the beauty of the city of Ubud. The beauty of nature, especially the trees, has always amazed and inspired him. “The leaves represent the cycle of life and, as human beings, we need to have trees,” Sugita tells us. It is this remarkable emotion that is reflected in his paintings.

Sugita also likes to point out the dangers of modernization: bicycles have been replaced by motorcycles and children no longer make treehouses but play video games. It is this nostalgia for nature in the midst of change, transformation and at times destruction, that Sugita likes to depict in his works. He likes to remember his carefree childhood when he wandered from village to village with his friends, with whom he spent hours contemplating the landscapes.

Beau tableau coloré
Celebration day painting de Sugita

Sugita also likes to emphasise the importance of harmony between people. The simple but essential joy of being together.

Sugita does not like to be branded with a particular style of painting. However, his work can be described as both figurative and Impressionist, with forms that are at times of a very geometric nature. He works with acrylic paint and likes to create textured effects to bring depth to his paintings while playing with light.

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