Pengosekan, the animal world in painting…

A style of painting that is both unique and characteristic, the “animal” style is an emblematic painting movement of the 1990s that appeared in Pengosekan, one of the districts of Ubud, where many painters have settled in Bali.

In fact, it is in the heart of this Balinese district that the art of painting animals, which are very figurative, in the middle of a lush and verdant landscape, has developed to the point of becoming the very signature of this district. The result is magnificent with the beauty of the foliage and plants, where the intensity of the green radiates over the canvas.

The greatest and most prestigious Balinese painters all recognize, whatever their style of painting, the authentic and original character of this artistic movement that honours the animal world.

The most famous painter who has distinguished himself in this movement is I Dewa Nyoman Laba, who inspired his colleagues by establishing himself as the master in this field. His talent quickly spread to the island of Java and then throughout Indonesia.

His brother, Dewa Putu Sena, was also to join this trend of painting and perpetuate the teaching of this technique and artistic signature within Pengosekan “The Pengosekan animal painting style“.

IGST Ketut Selamet, who is continuing to perpetuate this movement, is one of the painters currently in vogue in Pengosekan.

His works, “Mango” and “Guava” can be bought, exclusively, on

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