Satya Cipta, the rise of a new talent…

Photo of the artist Satya Cipta and Clotilde Canova

Satya Cipta is a young artist from a Balinese family who grew up in southern Sumatra. The diversity of her works comes from her open-mindedness and her ability to see beyond the codes of Balinese life.

After graduating from the Jakarta Institute of Art (IKJ), she was soon approached by the most renowned Indonesian artists and worked on many artistic projects in Jakarta. When she decided to move to Bali with her husband and daughter, she would impose a style, but more importantly her ideas.

In fact, she challenges the codes of Balinese society by daring to question the place of the Hindu religion as well as that of men and women. Society is changing, even within conservative Balinese society, and Satya’s painting is the expression and voice of this transformation.

She is one of the most promising talents of her generation and her latest exhibition, named “A budding talent” at the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud, has been a resounding success.

Satya Cipta’s talent is to enrich Balinese visual art by daring to tackle subjects that were previously taboo, using and combining different painting techniques that she masters perfectly, such as watercolour, wet on dry (wet paint on a dry surface) and Batuan (a style of painting from the Batuan village that consists of dark pencil-like forms).

“An artist must know how to use and master several techniques in order to develop his or her ideas and feelings” (S. Cipta).

Satya Cipta’s masterpieces, “Disgusted” and “Emptiness” are on sale on the website

To learn more about Satya Cipta’s magnificent exhibition at the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud, click on the Satya Cipta Brochure.

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