More than a Museum, ARMA is a unique experience….

Picture of ARMA Museum
The ARMA Museum is a magical cultural and artistic centre, imbued with mysticism. When you walk through its green doors, in the very heart of Ubud, you immediately sense the Hindu and holistic atmosphere so dear to its Founder, , Agung Gede Rai. This man, endowed with a sixth sense, knows how to capture each unique moment that nature offers him: the particular light of dusk, the sound of trickling water, the roots of a tree, The ARMA Museum (Agung Rai Museum of Art) was founded with the aim of preserving and developing Balinese art and culture. Officially inaugurated on 9 June 1996 by Prof. Dr. Ing. Wardiman Djojonegoro, Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the collection it houses ranges from traditional to contemporary, including classic Kamasan painting on tree bark, masterpieces by Batouan artists from the 1930s and 1940s and  Tagen‘s unique works, some of which can be purchased at Foreign artists who have lived and worked in Bali are also represented including Willem Gerard Hofker, Rudolf Bonnet and Willem Dooijewaard. The works of the German painter Walter Spies occupy a special place in the collection because of his important contribution to the development of Balinese art. The quality and reputation of the ARMA Museum have attracted the most prestigious and memorable visits, including those of Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth. But the ARMA is more than just a museum… It is a visual arts and entertainment centre that allows visitors to enjoy the permanent collection of paintings, special temporary exhibitions, theatre performances, dance, music and painting classes, bookstore, library and reading room, cultural workshops, conferences and seminars. Its vision is to become an internationally renowned museum of Balinese and Indonesian culture by organising events that demonstrate the uniqueness and diversity of this culture. Aimed at people who wish to discover and experience Bali’s unique cultural heritage, ARMA functions as a dynamic entity, constantly seeking new opportunities to support Balinese arts. In order to support the ARMA Museum, Agung Gede Rai and his wife Ibu Agung Rai Suartini have created the ARMA Foundation, which supports all the museum’s artistic and educational projects for the Balinese population. The foundation is an acknowledged UNESCO foundation and Agung Gede Rai participates in many conferences organized by ASEAN.

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