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What is My O’BE’s artistic heart crush for this January?

This month My O’BE honors the artist I Ketut Ada. We immediately liked the work of this painter who uses a very bright and often golden coloured painting. The rendering is very original and solar, just like Ada, who breathes serenity and good humour. One of his most outstanding works is Full Moon (Full moon, for sale on our website It is a painting of great beauty that highlights a ritual very dear to the Balinese: the ceremony of Purnama, homage to the full moon which has a major importance in Bali…

Why did you choose this artist ?

We chose him for his ability to transmit, through his works, an immediate serenity. At the mere sight of his paintings, you feel well-being, fullness and inner harmony. This magic works because, as he likes to say, Ada uses the technique of “The art from the Heart”. From then on, one cannot remain unemotional in the face of his works which breathe the sincerity and the depth that he brings to his subjects, seemingly simple, but which still have consistency.

What types of topics for example ?

Ada likes to focus on the environment in which human beings live. From then on, he stresses the richness of nature, the beauty of the trees, the importance of the celebration of the full moon in Balinese culture, the power of the mountains, the power of the precious stones, the strength of the animals, especially the elephants, which he loves Painting and often found in his works. He knows perfectly well how to handle the colors to make all these symbols coexist with each other. He uses brilliantly and finesse of the golden paint, a thread that is present as a leitmotiv of positive thought. His genius is to illuminate each shape with subtlety without any foil effect.

How would you describe his painting technique?

Ada paints with acrylic. He also creates unique material effects by applying his paint directly with the tube. The rendering is superb because it brings a sublime relief effect and a beautiful contrasting game in each of his works. This gives intensity and consistency to the shapes He paints. This is notably the case of his work entitled Full Moon (On sale on which is of great power by the full white moon represented in a masterful way in the centre and which fits into an ambiance of bright and golden colours. As I mentioned above, the full moon has a very important meaning in the Hindu culture

L'Artiste I Ketut Ada dans son atelier de création
I Ketut Ada, in his studio

Can you then tell us more about this famous full moon?

With pleasure! If in our Western cultures the full moon has a limited meaning, it is quite different in Indonesia…
Indeed, every month and in every temple, the Balinese celebrate the full moon, called Purnama, and the Black Moon Tilem. It is a true homage to the beauty of the moon, the goddess Ratih.
From then on, hundreds of temples throughout the island celebrate this special day hosting impressive ceremonies in traditional attire. The Balinese believe that Purnama is an auspicious day when the gods descend upon the Earth and give their blessing. So they hasten to gather and pray. And as the Demons might take advantage of them to try to annoy them, the Balinese present them with offerings, too!
On this sacred day, the offerings are numerous and varied: food, fruit, flowers and beautiful decorations made by hand from plants. The Balinese themselves are then blessed by running various rituals using holy water, incense smoke, petals and rice grains.
The temples are also decorated for the occasion with golden (yellow) fabrics and they are cleaned for the event.
Three days before the full moon ceremony, the Balinese are eager to do their jobs and be ready for the celebration. On D-Day, we witness beautiful processions where they all come accompanied by music, gifts and magnificent offerings worn on the head of the Balinese. A magical and authentic parade!
Remember this little anecdote: if we say “beautiful as the day” in France, in Bali, the most beautiful of the compliments is “Beautiful as the Moon”

Tableau acrylique sur toile : Full moon par l'artiste peintre I Ketut Ada
Full Moon by I Ketut Ada, artist to discover on our website
Prayers and offerings during the full moon days…Full Moon