Nanang Lugonto, the master of colours…

The artist Nanang Lugonto in his studio paints work of art to discover on

Nanang Lugonto was born in 1972 in Sukawati, a village near the city of Ubud. Very early on, he discovered his natural talent for painting and began to exhibit his first paintings in 1995, so, it was perfectly natural for Nanang to decide to follow his passion.

He proudly explains that he has taught himself because, according to him, the best way to paint is to express oneself with “transparency of mind”, i.e. without clichés and preconceived ideas.

Ceremony painting by the artist Lugonto

His favourite themes are the Indonesian landscapes and the staging of the most beautiful Balinese scenes such as dances and processions.

His painting style is characterised by a technique known as “spatula painting”, which creates a striking effect of relief and contrast. Nanang likes to see colour, both literally and figuratively. Sun flowers and Dance of love paintings are for sale on the website and are the perfect illustrations of his love of colour.

His artistic touch is immediately identifiable by the generously applied paint and his red signature, both graphic and curved. A sort of symbol of innocence that further illustrates the kindness and humility of this immense artist.

Nanang Lugonto works with many galleries in Indonesia and Europe.

Discover Nanang Lugonto painting in his studio.

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